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Welcome to the Reactive Extensions (Rx) Koans
"Learn by Doing"
55 progressive examples to help you learn Rx
By: Bart De Smet & Llewellyn Falco

Definition of ‘Koan’
Kōans is a zen word meaning the enlightenment or awakening of a person, usually through a puzzle or riddle. The most common one is “What is the sound of one hand clapping?”

What is this all about?
Rx is a new innovative way to work with asynchronous operations on event streams. It is composable, and uses well-known LINQ syntax to easily express complex timing and event processing operations.
This RxKoans are an interactive and fun way to be introduced to and learn Rx.

Current Lessons
  • Lesson0Lambdas
  • Lesson1ObservableStreams.cs
  • Lesson2ComposableObservations.cs
  • Lesson3Linq.cs
  • Lesson4Time.cs
  • Lesson5Events.cs
  • Lesson6AdvancedStreams.cs
  • Lesson7AsyncInvoke.cs

Getting Started
Open the Visual Studio 2010 Solution, and open the file Koans\Lessons\Lesson1ObservableStreams.cs
Press Ctrl R, T (not Ctrl R, Ctrl T). Fill in the blank (____) Run it again to see it pass.
After you finish Lesson1, move to the other LessonX files.

Running Koans:
Ctrl R, T will run the koans. It will run either the single koan your cursor is on, or the whole file, if your cursor is not in a specific koan (Unit Test).
Running in Debug Mode:
Ctrl R, Ctrl T will run in Debug mode, we do not suggest this, as it just makes things slower and more confusing.

Tips & Tricks
  • Play: Experimentation is a powerful learning tool. Don't be afraid to try stuff out, and run it to see what happens.
  • Run the Test: It is valuable to see what the results are. All Koans are designed to produce something even before they are filled in.
  • Debug: Set some break point and walk thru the code. It's a great way to get details. (Ctrl+R, Ctrl+T) will run in debug mode.
  • Do Them with a Friend: Learn is more fun and less fustrating when you have a friend with you.

Rx :
Javascript Rx Koans:

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